Her gods and men call Aphrodite, and Aphrogeneia (the foam-born) because she grew amid the foam.” -Hesiod, Theogony 176.

A few depictions of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, in ancient Greek pottery.

Aphrodite and Adonis (detail). Attic red-figure squat lekythos, Aison, ca. 410 BC. Courtesy of the Louvre, MNB 2109. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen.

Aphrodite on a swan (detail). Tondo from an Attic white-ground red-figured kylix. From tomb F43 in Kameiros (Rhodes). Pistoxenos Painter, circa 460 BC. Courtesy of the British MuseumGR 1869.10-7.77. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen.

Vessel with Leda and the Swan (detail). Attributed to the Painter of Louvre MNB 1148, Greek, Apulia, South Italy, about 330 B.C. Courtesy of the Getty Villa, 86.AE.680. Photo by Dave & Margie Hill.